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An introduction to the BMW emissions scandal ‘dieselgate’

Evidence suggests that BMW installed cheating software into some of their vehicles designed to defeat emissions testing, this ‘defeat device’ falsely reported the vehicles’ emission levels, calculating a lower level of emissions than the actual levels.

The impact of the ‘defeat device’ or ‘dieselgate ’is huge, both from an environmental perspective and for vehicle owners, since the affected vehicles produce a higher level of harmful emissions than is legally allowed, specifically nitrogen oxide (NOx) which is a toxic air pollutant. 

As a result, many drivers have unwittingly bought and used vehicles that were producing emissions that significantly exceeded laws put in place to protect the environment and the public.

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles have been recalled to date; millions of diesel vehicles have potentially been impacted by the emissions scandal.

We have commenced a group action on behalf of affected vehicle owners.  Our team of litigation experts will guide you through the process and in our experience, clients who claim in a group action benefit from a shared strategy and strength in numbers. 

Emissions Update February 2024

Please note that we are no longer accepting new clients for this action.

Enter your Vehicle Registration now and we will check if your vehicle is eligible to join the claim.

BMW emissions scandal FAQs

If you or your business bought or leased diesel BMW vehicles manufactured since September 2009, you may be eligible to claim compensation.  You can also claim for multiple vehicles, even if you no longer own the vehicles.

Yes, provided that you are the registered keeper, and the finance/lease agreement is in your name, you are entitled to bring a claim if you financed your vehicle with HP/PCP/PCH or lease. 

There is no cost to join the claim; bringing an emissions claim will not cost you anything if you are unsuccessful.  If you win, you keep the majority of the compensation.  Full details in relation to costs and liability are provided in our welcome pack. 

We are not able to comment at this stage on the amount of compensation you will receive if the claim is successful as the claim is still in its infancy.  It is worth noting that a recent out of court settlement saw VW owners in the UK receive an average pay out of more than £2,100.00.  We believe that you have suffered financial loss and we expect the losses for an average vehicle in the claim will be several thousand pounds at least.

The BMW case is in its infancy but is expected to follow a similar trajectory to Mercedes and VW. We will notify those who have joined the claim with Venus Legal of any documents required and deadlines, we will keep you updated with any developments. 

Please note that you cannot sign up to be represented by more than one law firm; this may result in multiple claims being issued at Court.

If you cannot locate any purchase/lease/finance or vehicle documents, you might find it useful to submit a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) to obtain documents.  Organisations are legally required to respond to DSAR letters within one calendar month of the request.  We have provided three template letters for you to download:

Finance Provider

Should you require any assistance with DSAR letters, please get in touch with our emissions team via email: info@venuslegal.co.uk.  

Enter your Vehicle Registration now and we will check if your vehicle is eligible to join the claim.


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