Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit to make a claim?

Yes, for most personal injury type claims you have three years from the date of accident to bring your claim.  If you are suffering with an Industrial Disease type condition which may occur over a period of time as oppose to in the moment, the three year period will start with your date of knowledge for example.  Your date of knowledge might be the date on which you realised your condition or illness was linked to work or a diagnosis date. 


A minor (child under the age of 18 years has until their 21st birthday to pursue a claim for injury).  These timescales are referred to as the limitation period.  Our specialist team will discuss this further in detail with you.

Will I have to deal with a lot of paperwork to bring my claim?

We will minimise the paperwork involved in bringing your claim by using technology throughout the process to include digital online signatures, video calls, virtual meetings, online paperwork completion and case progress tracking . We will also arrange for you to download a mobile app which will enhance communication and improves efficiencies.


We will arrange to provide pre-paid envelopes should we require hard copy documents from you.


Our team will guide you through the process and walk you through each step.

How long will it take for my claim to settle?

It is not possible to give an exact settlement time frame for settlement of each case as the facts differ from case to case.


As a general rule, if liability is admitted these cases will settle sooner than those cases where liability remains in dispute.  Also if we need to issue Court proceedings, the case might take longer to complete the journey through the system. 


Our team will discuss timescale and progress towards settlement and conclusion with you as your claim progresses.

Will I have to go to Court to settle my claim?

It is possible that you will need to attend court together with any witnesses you have to strengthen and support your claim. It is however entirely possible to settle your claim without the need to attend court, in my experience c90% claims which our team have handled are settled out of court.

Do I need to pay any upfront costs to bring my claim?

No, there are no upfront costs to pay for bringing your claim under a no win, no fee agreement. We will pay for medical reports and other associated costs on your behalf.

Can I transfer my claim to your firm if I am not happy with my current Solicitor?

Yes, you can transfer your file of papers at any time.  We would advise that you act quickly so as to avoid any unnecessary delays in bringing your claim.

What is my claim likely to be worth?

Financial compensation awards are reviewed, assessed and set by the Judicial College, the guidelines include tables that set out compensation for specific injury or conditions.  Financial compensation awards are calculated based on the severity and long term impact of your injury or condition. 


General damages are awarded to you to compensate you for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.  Special damages might be awarded to you for loss of earnings, travel expenses, medical treatment, home or vehicle adaptation.


Our team will discuss the likely level of compensation and our valuation of your claim based on our experience as your case progresses.

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