Did you know that breathing in flour dust can cause lung disease?

Breathing in flour dust can cause lung disease.

The HSE recently highlighted the link between flour dust and occupational lung disease, shining a spotlight on occupational lung disease last week for Men’s Health Week 2021.


Breathing in flour dust and other food ingredients can cause asthma, it can also worsen the symptoms of pre-existing asthma.  Wheat flour, rye flour and dust inhalation can cause sensitisation, which is a permanent allergy and even small quantities can result in a serious allergic reaction.

Baker’s asthma is a well-known serious work-related illness, similarly the inhalation of silica and wood dust can have life changing consequences.  Occupational asthma and acute silicosis symptoms can occur quickly after exposure.

Employers must carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment to identify the potential for exposure to harmful dusts in the workplace; they must take all reasonable steps to adequately control the levels of exposure and provide suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Lung disease can have a huge impact on your life and the life of your close family members.  If you need help or advice on any occupational asthma or lung disease issues linked to your working environment, we can provide the specialist support that you need.  Please get in touch hello@venuslegal.co.uk

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