Asbestos, Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer

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Asbestos, Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer

If you have ever worked in an environment where you have been exposed to asbestos (even minor exposure, a long time ago) this may have fatal consequences.

We are here to provide you and your loved ones with support and guidance in claiming compensation for a variety of industrial diseases or conditions linked to asbestos exposure.

There are a number of illnesses which you can get from inhaling asbestos fibres, including Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer and Asbestosis. There are a number of charities and support organisations who offer a wide range of support and resources for those who have received an asbestos related diagnosis:</h5>

Workers in the following industries may suffer with asbestos related illnesses:

  • Engineers
  • Plumbers
  • Joiners
  • Laggers
  • Dockyard workers
  • Mines and quarries

Our team of specialists can guide you through the process for claiming a number of benefits and one-off payments which are available to those suffering with an asbestos related condition. We will also hold your hand and guide you through the financial compensation process.

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